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Coaches Corner | Dribbling


Working in an area 20 x 20, 16 players each with a ball. Each square has 4 players in a square. Each square has a different challenge for the players to master. The coach can control when the players move to the next square or he can assign a player to control the movement once they have completed their challenge in their square. Direction of the square can be determined by the coach or the player in charge of controlling the movement of all the squares.


To develop the players ability to move quickly with the ball under control and to assess the movement of the other squares to see if they must move.

To allow players to master predetermined moves set out by the coach.


Change the movement of the squares (2 groups change diagonally while the other 2 change clockwise/anti - clockwise

introduce track for players to dribble through

place a defender between the squares to try and tag the players dribbling to the next square


Competition between groups who can get to the next square first

work clockwise and anti-clockwise

The execution of the skills/moves within the squares

Teaching players to be able to be aware of what is happening around them (are other squares moving)

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