Coaches Corner | Dribbling And Turning


Working in a 10 x 10. with two 1 x 1 squares at either side. two players between the squares, one with a ball the other without. Players face each other. Player with the ball attempts to dribble to square 1 or 2 before the player without the ball can get there. The player with the ball can turn anytime they want to try and get to a square before the other player.


To develop the players ability to dribble and change direction while maintaining control of the ball and working on unbalancing defenders.


Restrict the amount of times the player is allowed to change direction

Make it timed and the player that can get into the squares the most times is the winner


Close control

How, Why and When to turn

Emphasis on the quality of the turn and ability to accelerate away once the player has turned

Trying to unbalance the defender through feints and and fakes

Teaching players to be creative and come up with their own ideas to beat the defender into the squares

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