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How To Become Better In Football By Playing Foosball By Mark Cop

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Mark is a fierce foosball player who entered the world of foosball many years ago and he still finds it as interesting as the first day. Because of that, he decided to create a blog about foosball and he called it the Foosball Zone. Most posts on this blog are for foosball newbies who want to find out more about foosball and the most popular post is a guide on how to pick the right foosball table. Foosball table

How To become better in football by playing foosball?

Football and foosball Football and foosball have much more in common than a similarity in the name, after all,

foosball is a table game made as a tribute to football. That is why having a foosball table in your home can actually improve your football skills and style. If you aren’t sure how it is possible, let me show you in this article.

Foosball and football complete each other

Foosball is a great solution for those who love football so much they can devote their entire life to it. The only disadvantage of football is that you have to be on the field to play it. Now, here is where foosball comes in. If you want to play foosball all you need is a foosball table and that is the best part. Foosball is made as a tribute to football, which means you can look at the players and imagine you are on the football field. If you have a kid who loves football introduce him to the foosball table because then he can play foosball every day the entire day. I love the fact that your kid can invite friends to play foosball which means they won’t be glued to the TV and that is hard to achieve these days.

Explain the rules and strategy?

Since foosball and football are so similar you can use a foosball table to explain some rules or strategies to your team. Use the foosball players to explain to someone which player does what and he will figure it out immediately. Football is not the only sport which uses strategies and if you ask most professional foosball players, without strategies they wouldn’t be where they are.

Keeps you focused

Playing on a foosball table is not as easy as it seems. In most matches, you aren’t allowed to spin the rods 360° which means that brute force won’t help you. I have already mentioned that foosball has strategies and tricks which helps you score the goal and that means you have to stay focused. You have to think about the game and which player (or rod) you have to move to score the goal. You may train your body during football practice, but you train your brain during foosball practice.

Great teambuilding material

Having a foosball table in the rec room of a football team can actually improve their relationship. Every member of a football team has to have football in mind most of the time, which makes foosball a great recreation. It keeps you focused on a similar sport, it keeps you entertained and what is more important, you bond with your teammates. Foosball is best played in 4's which allows you to bond with the people you play foosball with and that is what makes this game so cool.

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